Up-Leveling in Scorpio Season


Welcome to Scorpio season… and beware! Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we may be giddy about the crisp air, apple picking adventures, and pumpkin spiced everything right now, but remember Scorpio season, however exciting and festive, can have a bit of a sting to it! (It’s still our fav, though, not gonna lie.)

Scorpio is a fixed water sign, which means it’s deeply emotional, persistent, and magnetic. It’s associated with the 8th house and Pluto, AKA all things sex,  intimacy, power, resources, debts, death, and perhaps most important of all,  transformation— especially in regards to our relationships.

So it’s kind of a big deal. Here are some key elements to keep in mind as you stay afloat this season.


We all have a dark side and this is the time to dig deep into it. Scorpio has a tendency to trigger the shadow and then invites us to come to terms with our pain. If we don’t allow ourselves the opportunity to sit with the uncomfortable, scary parts of our own past and psyche, we allow it to fester and wreak more havoc in our life long-term. Scorpio season wants us to face our shadow, do the work around it, heal, and move on. So make space this season to let the difficult stuff surface. Take a yoga class, get involved in a moon ceremony, or create your own shadow work ritual that allows you to focus on your own self while consciously clearing out the emotional, energetic pieces that are holding you back. Breathe into it, look at it, write it down, shake it out, meditate on it, and send it off. Our Connected Aromatherapy Roll-On is the perfect addition to this work!


Scorpio needs deep, soulful connection, and one of the best places to do this is in the bedroom. Explore your intimacy, whether you have a sexual partner or not. Scorpio season is all about becoming raw, vulnerable, and totally seen. It’s where we expose our deepest secrets, our truest selves, and merge with one another in a holistic, magical, uninhibited way. Let yourself unravel a bit. Get to know your desires and don’t be afraid to act on them right now! This is the time to let down your walls, get personal, and get sexy! Our Big Love Bundle
will give you that extra oomph this season.


Scorpio is both the death and the rebirth; the Phoenix and its ashes. Out of Scorpio season comes the evolution of the soul. We spend time in our shadow work and uproot deep-seated beliefs, traumas, and fears. We unhook our personal reservations and up-level our core relationships. We build self confidence and gain personal magnetism. All of that is really beautiful, but it can only happen if we’re willing to say goodbye to our old way of being. Scorpio season brings on the death of our personal ego. It requires that we let go of our attachments and step forward without knowing the next move. We can’t evolve if we resist change, and sometimes that means saying goodbye to things that we don’t necessarily want to leave behind.

But this is a time of serious transformation. And if we hold on to something for too long, we just get dragged. So be brave and let go! The good parts will stick, and the best is waiting for you on the other side.

Scorpio season is a powerful one, loves! Are you ready for some serious up-leveling?! Stay
present, do the work, and drink your herbs. ;) You got this.

With love,


Emily O'Brien

About Emily O'Brien: 
Emily is an Ayurvedic practitioner, yoga teacher, and mother with an overall “crunchy” approach toward life. Writing about what she’s learned throughout years of study is her favorite way to share with others. She hopes her articles can spark awareness and inspiration within readers to lead happier, healthier, more peaceful lives.

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