Mighty Eleuthero

Eleutherococcus senticosus

Eleuthero - Siberian Ginseng - Adaptogens

Eleuthero is a crowd favorite over here at Wild Sun, and it is a prime ingredient in our Power Hour Herbal Powder and wow, is it ever awesome!

Sometimes known as Siberian ginseng, Eleuthero is a well-known adaptogen that improves several functions of the body. This plant is part of the Araliaceae (Ginseng) Family of plants and the plant part most often used and most abundantly researched is the root of the eleuthero shrub. Eleutherococcus senticosus is found in the Taiga region of Russia (East Siberia) and is the most potent version of all the eleutheros.  Although, it does have several cousins that work similarly and grow throughout other regions of Russia and through Northern Asia, today we will be talking about the wonderful actions and benefits of mighty Eleuthero

Why We LOVE Eleuthero

1. Its Nonspecific Anti-stress Effects

Being very well-studied, eleuthero has been recognized as a root that exhibits anti-stress effects throughout the body. According to Donald Yance, "Eleuthero is believed to support adrenal gland function when the body is challenged by stress", in fact, he goes on to say that Eleuthero increases hormones noradrenaline and serotonin to encourage quick recovery from acute stress and that is regulates overall endocrine function. Essentially, "it enhances the ability to energize and mobilize the protective mechanisms of the body." ... Which brings us to our next bullet point...

2. It is Adaptogenic

Eleuthero was one first herb to be coined an "adaptogen" in the mid 1900s because of its normalizing effects on several systems in the body, particularly in the endocrine system (including several glands & the hormones they secrete) and the immune system. A normalizing effect means that if a part of the body/ system is working at a subpar level, it will help give it the boost it needs to get back on track, OR if the body/ system is overworking itself, it provides the support to bring it back to its normal, balanced state.

3. It Enhances Physical Capability & Stamina

 Who doesn't want increased stamina and enhanced mitochondrial activity when it comes to training or overworking your body? Eleuthero is a star at supporting the body in recovering quickly and effectively from harsh training and intense workouts. It can also be applied to those who go, go, go! Stamina is stamina, whatever shape it comes in, and when you have a crazy busy schedule, eleuthero will be your best friend.

4. It is Immunoprotective, Immunoregulatory & Antiviral

 Eleuthero strengthens overall immunity by regulating the immune system, protecting and enhancing it. It is widely known as a disease-preventative herb because if its antiviral actions in the body. Yance says, "The anabolic effects of eleuthero contribute to an enhanced immune system response. The extract increases general immunogenesis and in particular interferon production and is thus antiviral." It is also known to be protective against cancer cells because of its ability to enhance the immune response to cancer. 

5. It is Neuroprotective

There have been studies that show that extracts of eleuthero show neuroprotective effect along with showing the ability to regenerate neurities and rebuild synapses in rats with damaged neurons by beta-amyloid. The part of eleuthero that can be attributed to these actions is Eleutheroside B. Although, the entire root extract plays a role in overall neuroprotective health through anti-inflammatory actions.


I hope you enjoyed this post on Eleuthero, one of our fav adaptogens here at Wild Sun Wellness! Have you ever tried Eleuthero? What did you notice? How did you like it? Let us know in the comments below :)


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