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Cancer Zodiac


A new astrological season is upon us! Cancer season begins on the summer solstice (June 21st) and ends July 22nd. It’s all about inner feelings, personal needs, and emotional nourishment. Cancer is in the 4th house, which rules our home and family life. That means this is a time to focus on home; both our ancestral roots, physical living spaces, and closest relationships (including the one we have with ourselves). Here are some themes to incorporate throughout Cancer season. Focus on these, and you’ll make the best out of this time.


Like, really, really get in there. Cancer is ruled by the moon, which is moody, intuitive, and powerful. Feel your feelings and follow your instincts. Cancer season lights up our intuition and emotional sensitivity. It connects us to our deepest personal needs and gives us the opportunity to work through patterns and beliefs that are no longer serving us. This is the time to get uncomfortable and dig deep. So take the opportunity to regularly go within and allow your subconscious to show you where you need to let go, heal, and rise up. We recommend using our Slumber Party herbal powder to make this a gentler season on your nervous system.


Cancer is commonly seen as the mother archetype; nurturing, protective, and feminine. Cancer season invites us to become softer, to hold ourselves and our loved ones in fierce compassion and acceptance. It deepens our capacity to listen and really hear, without bias, like a mother soothing her child. But the Cancer archetype is simultaneously seen as that little child. Remember, Cancer season is extremely sensitive and emotional. It calls out our needs to be seen, heard, and cared for. So open up and hold space. Give and receive. Be the mama for someone, just like you’ll need someone to love and support you as you work through your own struggles. If you need a little extra motivation and support, our Zen Soul Aromatherapy pack will be your best friend.


Since Cancer rules our home life, let’s focus on that this season. This is the perfect time of year to make your house a home. Prioritize nurturing your family relationships. Start a game night. Cook dinner together. Go for family walks.

A comfortable home is super important for your ultimate wellness, so find ways to give your living spaces more attention. Maybe you add a new blanket or plant to create a cozy atmosphere. Maybe you treat yourself to a cute new mug to start off your mornings with a little extra goodness. Whatever speaks to you. Our homes should be our place of refuge, creativity, and joy. How can you make your home reflect those qualities, both within the physical space, as well as in your relationship dynamics?

When we align with nature, incredible things happen. The seasons, stars, and planets provide us the perfect blueprint for how we can best show up during any given time. The more we can tune in to that wisdom, the greater our sense of peace, purpose, and wellness will be. Wishing you all the best Cancer season ever. You got this!

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