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 aquarius season 2021

Welcome to Aquarius season, loves! We’re here until February 18th and we’re not looking back!

Aquarius is a fixed air sign, meaning the energy is determined and focused, but in a friendly, inventive way. It’s ruled traditionally by Saturn (which we talked about in Capricorn season) and in the modern world, Aquarius falls under Uranus— which governs things like originality, liberation, and expression. Here are some things to focus on during this time:

Make New Friends

Aquarius is all about groups, teamwork, humanitarianism, and society. As an air sign, it’s extremely communicative and friendly, and we’re invited to bring more of that energy into our own lives now! So get out there and make connections with new people. Join some sort of meet-up group, or an online community that you vibe with, and share yourself with a new set of humans. The friendships and connections you make during Aquarius season are bound to be lifelong and fruitful.

Expand your Reach

Technology and communication are running high right now. How can you use that energy to move forward with your message? After all, Aquarius is extremely future-oriented, and everything it does is for the betterment of the future, especially for the collective. Last season we buckled down to integrate our morals, values, and truths into our daily lives, and began the deep work on living our legacy. Well, Aquarius season wants us to start sharing that with the world! Harness the power of social media and use your voice in a  productive, inspiring way. Network within your community like nobody’s business and share your offerings with the world through events, newsletters, park meet-ups, vlogs, or whatever feels right for you!

Take Creative Risks

Aquarius is a quirky, rebellious, free spirit. Forget the traditionally “correct” way to live your life and make your own path, even if no one else understands just yet. It’s the season of the visionary! If you’ve been sitting on a “crazy idea”, get a plan written up and dive into it!
Aquarius rules innovation and loves fun, new inventive designs. It’s the perfect time to expand your creativity and think outside the box. How can you embrace your originality and express your unique point of view through everything you do? The more you show your true colors, the happier you’ll be, and the more others will resonate with your message!

Doesn’t Aquarius season sound fun and exciting? We can’t wait to see what you all bring forth to the community within the next few weeks. Remember, it’s all about expressing your unique voice, being yourself, and expanding your circles. Looking for some herbs that will align you with the astrological season? Our Go Getter Bundle will give you the confidence and energy needed to forge ahead in true Aquarius fashion.


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Emily O'Brien

About Emily O'Brien: 
Emily is an Ayurvedic practitioner, yoga teacher, and mother with an overall “crunchy” approach toward life. Writing about what she’s learned throughout years of study is her favorite way to share with others. She hopes her articles can spark awareness and inspiration within readers to lead happier, healthier, more peaceful lives.

Find out more about Emily at https://www.emilyobrienwellnesscom/


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