Dreamers Bundle
Dreamers Bundle
Dreamers Bundle
Dreamers Bundle

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Dreamers Bundle

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Afternoon Delight + Loco Cocoa + Connected Aromatherapy Roll-On


The Dreamers Bundle is a perfect way to enhance creativity and focus for having big dreams and taking action to make them come true.

Afternoon Delight
Relaxes the nervous system and elevates mood to bring in a blissful atmosphere and allow room for creativity.*

Loco Cocoa
Supports a healthy brain and a healthy nervous system; increases focus and improves memory.*

Connected Aromatherapy Roll-On
A Meditation Roll-On for deeper connection and a calmer mind for enhancing creativity and bigger day dreams. 




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Consult your healthcare practitioner before use if pregnant. Store in a cool, dry place. Packaged in a facility that handles, stores, and processes tree nuts